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The Original Flavor is the very first version of spent grain cracker. Highlighting the beer…the recipe calls for mostly grains in order to obtain the malty flavor. Using strong ales to flavor the dough only adds to the distinct aroma as soon as the bag is opened.

Sesame Sea Salt

Staying true to Brewer’s Crackers’ philosophy the sesame version was born due to an excess of sesame seeds leftover from making burger buns at a restaurant. Easy problem solved! Double toasted sesame seeds with fresh grains and whole-wheat flour equals and amazing texture and crunch reminiscent of a Mediterranean lavash.

Honey Graham Porter

Porter beer….too good not to eat. Using Lamplighter Brewing’s “Werewolves of Cambridge” Porter and spices creates a very familiar campfire flavor. Pairs well with chocolate and marshmallow, and even goes great with a strong blue cheese. A little crumble on an ice cream sundae goes a long way!

Spicy Peppercorn

Szechuan peppercorn…. Inspired by Chinese tofu dishes this cracker packs a punch, along with black and white peppercorns the heat is extra flavorful and sticks with you. The only way for relief is eating more crackers!

Why Spent Grains are too good not to use!

With 6 billion pounds of Spent Grains produced a year its easy to see how they cannot be ignored. Brewer’s grains are not only responsible for delicious beer but they have superfood“esque” powers. Most of the sugars are extracted for the beer and we add no processed sugar. After being used the grain protein content increases by 50% and calories decreased by 7%. Essential Amino Acids are bumped up by 10% and they boast almost 3-times the fiber than oatmeal.

The grains start forming their amazing personality with the malting process, which gives beer its heart, and personality. The grains are soaked then roasted giving each variety their own unique characteristics. When the brewery cracks the grains it unlocks it allowing starches and sugars to escape. After steeping the liquid is used to make beer and the grains make delicious crackers!