Our Story

As a young cook and forager I befriended brewers and farmers across the country from Long Island to Colorado. I saw that there was a tremendous opportunity to not only capture the flavors of freshly made craft beer but to also do our part in completing the sustainable food chain.

Working in restaurants cooking and spending my downtime at breweries help paint a utopian picture of sustainable food practices. Being surrounded by organic farmer friends and craft brewers influenced my early culinary education by recycling and up-cycling any product I thought was being wasted. This habit quickly became a mission as I met more like-minded people across the country.

Eventually witnessing hundreds of pounds of spent brewers grain from a local brewery heading to compost led me to wrack my mind for what could be done to ”Eat” that beer. What started out as a small project grew into a passion.

With help from many brewers throughout the country, the past 6 years of testing different grains and beers has brought me to this point of sharing the vision of COMPLETELY using this valuable product to its full nutritional potential.

Kyle Fiasconaro, Chef/Owner